GIS in Central Asia Conferences

This platform for communication, collaboration and learning in the domains and applications of Geographic Information Science, GIS and related sciences and technologies was launched by the Austria-Central Asia Centre for GIScience in 2005.

To explore current and archived information:

 GISCA 2016  April 28-30  Bishkek  
 GISCA 2015  May 14-16  Tashkent  Proceedings
 GISCA 2014  May 29/31  Urumqi  Proceedings
 GISCA 2013  May 2/3  Almaty  Proceedings
 GISCA 2012  May 2/3  Bishkek  Proceedings 
 GISCA 2011   May 19/20  Almaty  Proceedings 
 GISCA 2010   May 27/28  Bishkek  Proceedings 
 GISCA 2009  Aug 27/28  Bishkek  Proceedings 
 GISCA 2008   May 15/17  Bishkek  Proceedings 
 GISCA 2005   Oct 28/29  Bishkek  

GISCA conferences are jointly organized by ACA*GIScience and Z_GIS, with the support of the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet.